3 Dice Casino Game Review at Your Disposal

Sic bo is a chance game played since ancient times. However, its popularity can’t be compared to that of poker, slots, Blackjack, or other casino games you get offered to play at every casino. However, this chance game is quite an interesting one and doesn’t require any skills to master. Explore more about it here, you are going to like it.

Thorough Review on 3Dice casino Game: Basic Rules and Winning Strategies

Sic Bo comes in several variations. The English version is named Grand Hazard, while the American one is Chuch-a-luck. Aussie gamblers, meanwhile, prefer to call it 3 Dice. Here we have separated the basic rules, as well as some useful strategy tips for playing the game whether online or in a brick-and-mortar casino.

How to Play 3 Dice casino game

Like all other chance games, Sic Bo is easy to learn. However, you won’t believe this statement once you see the game table for the first time. Like all other casino games, here, too, players bet on specific outcomes. Here is the sequence of the gameplay:

  1. Bet by placing chips on those areas, you think the dice will land on;
  2. The dealer will shake three dice in a closed small chest if the game is offline, or the casino game software will roll the dice and show the random outcome if it’s online;
  3. If you predicted the numbers you’d placed the bets on, you win the game, otherwise, you lose.
3 Dice Casino game

This was the gameplay of Sic Bo. Now let’s see which the common bets are:

  • Small bet – the dice sum is between 4 and 10 both included;
  • Big bet – the dice sum is between 11 and 17 both included;
  • Single dice bet – you guess the specific number to appear on any dice or all of them;
  • Double bet – two dice will get the same number;
  • Triple bet – the three dice will all have the same number;
  • Two dice combo bet – you predict the outcomes of two dice at once, the bet pays 5 to 1.

These were the basic bets. To learn about all of them and how each pays out, see the table before launching the game online in Australia.

How to Win at 3 Dice

Now, when you have read the review of 3 Dice game casino and learned the basic rules with bets, it’s time we addressed how to win the game. The bad news first – this is a game of pure chance and there’s absolutely no solid betting strategy that might help you to win all the time. However, we still have some helpful recommendations:

  • Do never bet on too many areas;
  • You’d better make Big and Small bets as they have the best odds;
  • Don’t fall for the gambler’s fallacy.

Since Sic Bo isn’t as popular as other casino games, you won’t find it in all casinos online. Hence, make a good search to spot a credible gambling site first.

No Deposit Codes for 3 Dice Game: How Advantageous They Can Be

Obtaining no deposit bonus codes for a 3 Dice online casino game, you get a huge advantage – you start gambling without placing any of your own money. This way you can get accustomed to the game easier, while also getting a chance to win money. Here are a couple of bonus codes currently active on Australian casinos;

  1. Bonus code 45ELROYALE for free chips at El Royale Casino;
  2. Bonus code BFD30 for free chips (worth AUD30) at Realtime Gaming.

Use the bonus codes before the year ends and expect new ones next year.

Last updated: January 6, 2021


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