Safety Tips When Gambling Online

Because of the coronavirus pandemic and everything happening in today’s world, online gambling has become increasingly popular. More so than going to a real casino, some would argue.

But the online world is not without its dangers. There will be trolls, viruses, frauds, and fakes who will try to take advantage of people who aren’t prepared or completely oblivious to scamming tactics. Boomers, we’re looking at your direction.

That is why these safety tips are designed to arm you with knowledge before you head off on one of your online gambling adventures. And before we delve deeper, make sure to check informational platforms, such as Casino Bros, the latest casino affiliate that provides in-depth casino reviews and news about the industry.

Always Check the Connection

There is no simpler and better way of checking if the casino you are playing at is safe than checking that the web connection is encrypted with the latest encryption.

You don’t need any special skills to do so. All you need to do is open the website and check the web address. If there is an https:// before the domain – that means that it’s secure.

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If you don’t see, it probably means that it’s not safe and you shouldn’t give any financial information or transmit money over this connection. There are so many hackers who specialize in digging around the condescension. So, if there are pieces of information that are transmitted but aren’t encrypted, it’s similar to uploading your bank info for everyone to see.

Look for a Valid Gambling License

Even though there are unlicensed gambling sites that condemn scamming, it is much safer to play at casinos that are fully licenced rather than just risking it.

Always look for a gambling licence from any credible and legit IGaming regulator. Should they have a licence, it’s highly likely that they meet all the specific standards and regulations, which is predominantly determined by the country in which they do business.

If an online casino doesn’t have a licence but it’s running nonetheless, keep your eyes peeled then. Chances are they will be fined eventually, or worse, shut down. If the online casino of your choosing provides all the necessary information (most likely in the footer of the website), that means it’s most likely legit and complies to standards.

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Use Secure Payment Methods

No matter what gambling site you find yourself in, sharing and storing your financial details with them ican potentially put you at some sort of financial risk.

Even safe sites that have a license can be hacked and all the information that is stored can be downloaded or stolen (think Sands Casino, Las Vegas, back in 2014). That is why it’s advisable to rely on more known and safer payment methods, such as Visa, Mastercard, Paysafecard, Paypal, Payoneer and so on.

The fact that they offer such payment methods acts as a barrier between the bank account and the site. Let’s say the hacker manages to break into the account or the gambling site, but they can’t steal any money because there isn’t any. Don’t let that fool you, though. Even your personal data is a valuable resource that can be stolen and traded away.

Always Read the Fine Print

When you join a new casino, you will likely receive a pretty lengthy document. That is the terms and conditions, something which we recommend you check thoroughly before playing.

Most of us just click YES without taking the time to read what it actually says. But when you are unwittingly doing something that can potentially rob you of your money, it is very important that you read every single word of it.

Analise it, especially when it comes to the fine print. If you don’t understand something, it is important that you have someone explain it to you before you accept it. Casinos are a serious game, so make sure you are protected in advance.


No matter if you are seriously gambling every day or just enjoy playing for fun, these safety tips should always hang in the air, as if they are postulates. Make sure they become habits as you go trying out new casinos.

Last updated: December 3, 2020


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